Meet Singles In Toronto With Herpes (HSV 2)

June 20, 2012 by  
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Whether you have been diagnosed recently or have been living with herpes for years and suddenly find yourself single again, there is often going to be that lonely, isolated feeling of being stuck with a virus that nobody wants to talk about … least of all at an initial coffee-date from an online dating site!

It’s up to the individual *when* to disclose one’s herpes status – some brave souls put right on their mainstream dating site profiles, but the vast majority of singles living with HSV2 are a little more timid about disclosing their STD status to the world.

Maybe one day that will change, but anyway for now, there is actually NO NEED to ‘go public’ about genital herpes on a regular dating site. There is!

Here is a website where you can talk about the things that really matter to you and a simple checkmark in your profile lets others know your STD status. Conversation over – there, that was painless, wasn’t it?!

If you are grappling right now with the prospect of meeting up with eligible bachelors & bachelorettes, and wishing that you didn’t have an extra layer of baggage to deal with, just click here, create your FREE profile and start seeing and believing!

If you have been looking around at other STD sites, you may be skeptical, having gone through the arduous and soul-searching process of creating a profile, disclosing a lot of sensitive data, then finally getting to the point where you are able to search the database as a member – only to find there is NOBODY in YOUR neighbourhood, and barely a handful of herpes singles in the whole county of Canada in their database! What a let-down.

At, you are going to be amazed, and pleasantly so, to see that there are tons of awesome singles just like yourself in exactly the same situation. Goodbye loneliness & isolation.In fact, if you are new to the virus or dating with it, you will find it utterly therapeutic to see all the warm, wonderful (smart and good-looking, too!) singles who are dealing with (or have dealt with) ALL of the same issues as you.

Different people deal with the diagnosis in different ways, but the HONEST approach is not necessarily the more difficult one. Probably the vast majority of herpes infections are caused by deceit and/or denial, and you may be one of the many who were emotionally devastated for a time after the diagnosis. Disclosing herpes status to ANYONE at first seems unthinkable as a person recently infected is usually dealing with a web of negative emotions from shame to betrayal and sometimes even despair… or despair’s watered-down, chronic cousin, depression.

For anyone who has been diagnosed with herpes and is thinking, ‘Eeewwww, I don’t want to join a herpes dating site’, please reconsider! If you think for a moment about whom you will find there, it is generally the honest and ethical herpes singles who don’t want the risk of infecting others as a result of deceit or denial. Of course these things are subjective but several users of the site find that the overall caliber of singles on the site is better than on an ordinary dating site (where you will find a LARGE number of herpes singles who do NOT disclose their condition).

The truth really does set you free!