Lots Of People In Toronto And All Over North America Have Herpes

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Herpes Won't Ruin Your Life - Lots of People In Toronto Have It Too!Actually, all over the WORLD, for that matter!

This article is interesting and timely – don’t despair! Having herpes WON’T ruin your love life… if you take control of your situation.

It’s nice to see the Huffington Post stand out and use the H-Word!

All over the world, not just in Toronto, people suffer in silence about their HSV and often won’t even tell their own friends due to the “shameful” and “dirty” stigmas put on this not-particularly-terrible-for-the-health STD.

The most expedient solution to the issue of having herpes is to join an STD site like PositiveSingles.com and start meeting others with your condition.

Something that those living with herpes have learned, is that everyone has his or her own experience with it. Some take it a lot harder than others.

Some people commit suicide due to their despair and isolation; others (even the odd celebrity) are pretty light-hearted about it and just ‘get over it’.

Perhaps it is the “dirty” perception of herpes that pains certain sufferers. It only takes finding a partner with the same virus to completely convince those people that neither they, nor their new and wonderful partner, is “dirty”.

True, promiscuity is good way to improve one’s odds of contracting herpes, but there are plenty of situations where very non-promiscuous people are infected by bad luck as it were… usually treachery, but that’s another blog!

Short of celibacy, it’s the best and fastest way to forget you even have it!

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