Disclosing Herpes Status – Yes, You Have To! Here Is The EASY Way!

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There couldn’t be too many people who, when officially diagnosed with HSV 2 (genital herpes) clap their hands & jump for joy.

At the very best, the news can be born with resignation or acceptance.

In fact, a lot of people suffer a huge amount of emotional & psychological pain upon diagnosis, some even spiral into depression, and in certain cases become suicidal.

The reasons are obvious: shame, anger, humiliation, fear of rejection from future partners, etc.

In some cases, a herpes-free person was so in love with a herpes-positive partner, that he or she was willing to take the risk of being infected by having unprotected sex, but then, once infected, feelings can change and a lot of resentment and other negative feelings can surface… especially if the relationship ends.

Often, deception is involved in the transmission of the HSV 2. The common wisdom is that 90% of people who have it are completely unaware that they are carrying it, but that is not a scientifically-derived statistic, nor can it be proved one way or another if one avoids getting a medical diagnosis. It would seem that a lot of people play dumb in order to stay in denial.

In fact most normal human beings carrying genital herpes would go to almost any length to avoid having to have that horrible, dreaded, painfully awkward conversation: “Umm … I have herpes. If you have it, that’s great, but if you don’t, then we need to talk about your risk, should you wish to… ummm… [brain begins to melt-down here for most mortals when envisioning such a conversation]….”

OK, surely, plenty of psychologically health people have gotten through their lives and doubtless have found great ways of communicating their HSV status to potential partners but NOWADAYS WE HAVE THE INTERNET! There is a  website where you login with your privacy completely intact, and you can communicate with AWESOME herpes-positive singles right down the street from you right here in Toronto, Canada.

Seriously, problem solved.

NO AWKWARD CONVERSATION. It’s understood – it’s a checkbox on your personal profile.

What’s not to like about that?

You can check it out by clicking here for PositiveSingles or by clicking the button below. The site is based in the States but it is the only game in town for Toronto herpes dating – a lot of sites have about 10 signups for all of Canada, maybe none at all in your city, but at PositiveSingles, you are going to find people right in your neighbourhood with the same ‘problem’ as you – and guess what: when you both have it, it kind of stops being a problem!

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